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Rules & Guidelines


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  • Security
    • Any and all attempts at exploiting, hacking (accounts or system), or otherwise direct attacks toward the site are clearly forbidden.
    • Unauthorized access to someone's account.
  • Advertising
    • Advertisements of any kind are forbidden with the exception of dedicated sections and proper channels.
    • There is no shortage of self promotion sections within the forums & discord--you must stay within those confines.
  • Spam
    • There are limitations in place for a reason - please be respectful of those limitations.
      • e.g. - 25 character minimum character count on posts. Please provide a contribution to the thread within that.
    • Excessive non-contributing threads, posts or replies will be classified as spam.
    • Threads or posts without content relevant to the topic being discussed.
    • Bumping your thread more than once within a 24 hour time period.
  • Flaming/Harassment
    • No content/comment/messages relating to racism, threads, excessively vulgar or anything similar.
    • Personal attacks, information leaking and/or "doxxing" another user is strictly forbidden.
  • Posting
    • Take heed to pinned topics within a category. These are the rules & guidelines for that section.
    • Post in the most relevant section to your content.
    • Repeating, copying, grave-digging content is not necessary.
    • Overall keep content clean. No inappropriate, sexual, vulgar, violent or otherwise similar content is allowed. 
    • Use the reputation system with caution & wisely. Abuse of this system is forbidden.
  • Scamming
    • Scamming a member, not delivering on an agreed upon deal, service or product is forbidden.
    • When using the marketplace do so with caution as RuneLine does not guarantee any product/service/or otherwise similar.
  • Marketplace
    • You are not permitted to sell work that isn't yours, without consent from the creator.
    • You are not allowed to sell the codebase of a Server that is either
      1. A RuneLine Partner
      2. On the RuneLine Toplist




  • Forum Rules Apply
    • This means none of the following:
      • Spam
      • Flaming/Harassment
      • Scamming
      • Security
  • Advertising
    • There are designated channels for you to advertise your servers, projects, or otherwise similar work.
      • #advertise - this section is exclusive to advertising a private server you own.
        • The rules for this channel are simple:
          • You may only post once every 12 hours.
          • Keep posts short, sweet & to the point (no excessive 100+ feature list)
          • No outside private server community links (RuneSuite / Youtube / your website only).
      • #youtube - this section is exclusive to advertising Youtube content you made.
        • The same rules above apply to this section
    • Direct messaging the members within the Discord links to your server, community, Discord, or otherwise is forbidden.
      • This is what the #advertise channel is for - please use it accordingly.
  • Channels
    • The channels are categorized for a reason. When posting please be aware of the channel & category you are in.
      • Not sure where to post something? Your safe within the #spam channel.
    • If you need help with something related to RSPS - utilize the #help channel.
    • Any forum, Discord or other RuneSuite questions feel free to ask in the #general-chat.
    • When interacting with a Bot - you must do so within the #spam channel.
  • Marketplace buying & selling
    • The only requirement to use the #marketplace channel is to create a RuneLine thread for it.
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