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Found 2 results

  1. Donator Ability to set a signature Can Hide\Delete own content Ability to download from the Exclusive Download Section Extreme Donator Ability to set a signature Does Not need to reply to threads to see download link Can Hide\Delete own content Bypass timers between each post\thread Can edit thread silently (Normally a message will indicate if content has been edited. Members in this group will be able to hide this message. Staff members who have permission are always able to see the edit ) Ability to Negative REP people Custom Rank allows you to create your own user group that will have all extreme donator benefits but you get to have a: Custom User icon Custom User Bar Image Custom HTML Styling Ability to promote other users to the group for a $10 fee The custom rank cannot resemble a staff member in any way Trusted Trader Gives you a more trustworthy approach when it comes down to dealing with transactions with other members and comes with all extreme donator benefits
  2. Forum Security Any and all attempts at exploiting, hacking (accounts or system), or otherwise direct attacks toward the site are clearly forbidden. Unauthorized access to someone's account. Advertising Advertisements of any kind are forbidden with the exception of dedicated sections and proper channels. There is no shortage of self promotion sections within the forums & discord--you must stay within those confines. Spam There are limitations in place for a reason - please be respectful of those limitations. e.g. - 25 character minimum character count on posts. Please provide a contribution to the thread within that. Excessive non-contributing threads, posts or replies will be classified as spam. Threads or posts without content relevant to the topic being discussed. Bumping your thread more than once within a 24 hour time period. Flaming/Harassment No content/comment/messages relating to racism, threads, excessively vulgar or anything similar. Personal attacks, information leaking and/or "doxxing" another user is strictly forbidden. Posting Take heed to pinned topics within a category. These are the rules & guidelines for that section. Post in the most relevant section to your content. Repeating, copying, grave-digging content is not necessary. Overall keep content clean. No inappropriate, sexual, vulgar, violent or otherwise similar content is allowed. Use the reputation system with caution & wisely. Abuse of this system is forbidden. Scamming Scamming a member, not delivering on an agreed upon deal, service or product is forbidden. When using the marketplace do so with caution as RuneLine does not guarantee any product/service/or otherwise similar. Marketplace You are not permitted to sell work that isn't yours, without consent from the creator. You are not allowed to sell the codebase of a Server that is either A RuneLine Partner On the RuneLine Toplist Discord Forum Rules Apply This means none of the following: Spam Flaming/Harassment Scamming Security Advertising There are designated channels for you to advertise your servers, projects, or otherwise similar work. #advertise - this section is exclusive to advertising a private server you own. The rules for this channel are simple: You may only post once every 12 hours. Keep posts short, sweet & to the point (no excessive 100+ feature list) No outside private server community links (RuneSuite / Youtube / your website only). #youtube - this section is exclusive to advertising Youtube content you made. The same rules above apply to this section Direct messaging the members within the Discord links to your server, community, Discord, or otherwise is forbidden. This is what the #advertise channel is for - please use it accordingly. Channels The channels are categorized for a reason. When posting please be aware of the channel & category you are in. Not sure where to post something? Your safe within the #spam channel. If you need help with something related to RSPS - utilize the #help channel. Any forum, Discord or other RuneSuite questions feel free to ask in the #general-chat. When interacting with a Bot - you must do so within the #spam channel. Marketplace buying & selling The only requirement to use the #marketplace channel is to create a RuneLine thread for it.
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