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  1. Hey guys! christmas is coming and i thought id give a little back to the community i've got some prizes off fate and i've added abit so it's looking very juicy. only way to enter is to reply on this thread with your username! on the date of the give away which is still undecided we will message you via in-game to receive your prize. GoodLuck! - MittyWills
  2. Hey i'm Mitty, i'm 20 years old from Australia. i'm new around here but i got a funny feeling you might be seeing me around quite a fair bit. i'm new to the community and hope to meet you all in-game sometime 😁 i love the outdoors on my time off from work, i love to fwd, i enjoy deer hunting, most things outdoor i'll have a crack at! would love to hear some of your hobbies and get to know you all! my favorite part about servers like these is getting to hear everyone's adventures because everyone has so many different stories that are so vast and different from one another. cheers guys- mittywills
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