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    Hey all!

    Welcome hope you like your stay here at runeline
  2. Fate

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the team Ats. we appreciate your dedication to helping others in the game and on forums.
  3. Fate

    Forums Event

    Done updated the thread
  4. Welcome Mitty, Hope you have a great time on RL thanks for accepting the promotion to Moderator and a big welcome to the staff team Outdoor activity sounds fun, I was once all about that but the lockdown impacted me and some friends we all went different paths, Although that did not stop me from getting back into the outdoors the most I do is I got a quadbike that I use for the outback its fun even solo!
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    Logo, Media

  6. Fate

    Forums Event

    Hi All, Introducing an event for all to participate in. This event provides activity on the forums. Reach 10 post counts = 10 ingame vote tokens Reach 50 post counts = 50 ingame vote tokens First to reach 100 post = 200 bood money /100 vote tokens and legendary box 10 vote tokens! Good luck everyone be sure to follow the rules of this event and not spam on the site make creative threads and topics / Introductions. Event closes in 5/1/2022
  7. Released the Client https://runeline.com/Runeline.jar
  8. We would like to let everyone know that @kobe and I have been working on officially releasing the game client, what this means is that you will have your accounts ingame reset, including hiscores. This rsps includes a lot of stability in security and provides 0 lag for all ingame. When we reach more players in-game we will find a way to fund the upgraded vps to offer all a stable server in the case of a player that cant log in we can help you run the client, for example, some mac users may experience it, Our staff team that is standing by for anyone needed their help with the RSPS or forums too.
  9. Runeline Coming SoonAre you ready for the challenge and the fun you're going to experience? Runeline has all types of playing styles, pking , active community ,active staff , and stable server. here at Runeline we make sureall our players questions are answered. our friendly staff members work hard everyday to insure a friendly and respected community. come join us here and i promise you that you will not regre your stay. About Runeline: Runeline was A project that was started by Enjoy, then a friend came and joined this project with me. We worked really hard, long nights and long days have payed off, we always put our players at first place when we do our Decisions, Planning, Updates, News Ect... We strive to be number-one and will never stop. Still not convinced? We really have friendly staff and players, we keep chilling on server or on forums, even though our staff are actiaved and they will try their best to help everyone. Discord || Runeline Forum Play now https://runeline.com/RunelineLauncher.java
  10. Many updates to Runeline heres a few snippets below Fixed some issues when completing Chambers of xeric Twisted bow is now effective again: Muttadile, Great olm, Great olm hands, Lizardman shamans, Vana nistirio, Vanguards Log storage in home area can now be used again Log storage scroll has been added to Exchange store for 100 points Barrows equipment can now be exchanged for Exchange points Dinhs bulwark, Dragon axe, Long bone, Dragon 2h can now be exchanged for Exchange points Fixed the description of the Exchange points scrolls Fixed an issue with Learning the ropes quest Credits to @Kobe 8
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    Client background
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    "Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but nothing should own you" Ali ibn abi talib
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    Welcome @Sergio I will be adding the vet to your forums account
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    Welcome @Flax
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    Thanks, I was suppose to say much but you know what it is @Flax😂
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