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    "Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but nothing should own you" Ali ibn abi talib
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    Welcome @Sergio I will be adding the vet to your forums account
  4. more giveaways to be announced.
  5. Well, honestly it's not hard at all and it's pretty fast to do it, all you need is Eclipse (I'm not sure if any other integrated development environments have this option). Requirements: Eclipse IDE The client that you would like to jar Index/Table of contents: Downloading Eclipse IDE Creating the executable jar file This is a really good method to use for creating an executable jar file, it's a lot faster than using a jar maker or creator. I've been using this since I've found out that Eclipse had a jar creator and it hasn't given me any problems since. Anyways lets begin. 1. Downloading Eclipse Downloading Eclipse can not only help you create a jar file but it can also be helpful when programming, helping with errors, organization and more. Although for this tutorial we'll solely be focusing on just creating an executable jar file. We can start off by heading to the Eclipse websites download section. You can quickly access this website by simply click here. Once there scroll a tad bit down until you locate this: If you would like to read more about what Eclipse IDE is click the main title context of the tab (Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers). Anyways let's get back on track, start by clicking either bit that applies to your computer specifications. Once you click that click the link that is next to the down-wards arrow icon, it should look like this. Click here to view the original image of 922x610px. In the image I would click [United States] ibiblio (http). Although for you it might be different. Once you click that, the download will start automatically. Run through the setup and load Eclipse up. 2. Creating the executable jar file Once you have Eclipse installed and running, and you also have your client inside of Eclipse then you are ready for this step. Start off by right clicking your clients folder and a dialogue box should pop up similar to this: Click here to view the original image of 922x666px. Hit the text "Export..." and you will then notice that another dialogue box will pop up similar to this one: Now that you have this opened extend the "Java" folder/tab and then hit "JAR file" once you hit that another dialogue box should pop up similar to this: For your "JAR file" box hit the "Browse..." button and set your export path and JAR file name to what you want. In this demonstration I set it to my dekstop and the name of the JAR file will be "Client". You can confirm your settings by making sure it looks similar to this: Hit "Next >" and then "Next >" again and you should end up with a window like this: From here you should/can set various options for this demonstration you will need to set the Main class by hitting the "Browse..." button and locating your clients main launcher. For mine it is named Loader. So mine looks like this: Yours can be different depending on your main class's name. Once that's done hit "Finish" and wait for the jarring process to complete. You can now close it and open your JAR file. It should work, if it doesn't visit the FAQ section at the bottom of this tutorial. Well that's it for now have a great day mates. FAQ: It doesn't load/It gets stuck at 0%? Make sure that you have set the clients IP to the specific IP address that you want your players and or you to connect from/to. Also check the port ID. When I click it, it doesn't load anything? Make sure that you have set the correct "Main class" for it to be loaded from. credits chaz from rune-server When making updates to my client do I always have to create a new JAR file for others to see the updates? It honestly depends. Although in most cases yes, you do.
  6. Fate

    RuneLine Toplist

    Hello, We are wanting to get to you ASAP but now that we face a few set backs we still can get it going from your help let us know below if you can build our toplist we do offer rewards for it. Thanks
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    Welcome @Flax
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    Thanks, I was suppose to say much but you know what it is @Flax😂
  9. Hey guys We’ll be hosting a giveaway for a very special person to get things started! I’d like to announce that we recently launched this website for our business to help promote servers and such! The giveaway: 1. Create a topic. 2. Make sure you edit your profile to a new welcoming visit. 3. We will be picking a random winner for the giveaway. Prize: Super Donator! Good luck everyone. Kind Regards, Fate.
  10. Fate

    Rune Quest.

    Good luck on server looks promising!
  11. Fate

    RuneLine RSPS

    Hello We are exicted for this upcoming project with the great team we have aquired over long period of time the wait is near we would like to announce that Runeline Rsps is offically in progress as well as the community for Rsps owners to advertise their servers and services this is a fun way to introduce Runeline as a rsps and a community for all that is interested I would like to say that we are really glad you are part of the community and we appericate the support from players and sponsors as you may or may not know we have spent many years as players and owners of rsps this is our way of giving back to the community by creating this community to keep the RSPS alive, there is a lot to learn and experince from the virtual game. As we all face uncertainty because of the pandemic this will be a good way to stay connected with others around the world by sharing experinces in games as well as creating, developing games together and communites. Overall we would appericate it if we can get as many people to share the website , game and community to your friends and dont forget to leave a comment and be sure to stop by leave a comment or create a topic. we appericate all feedback as well. our team @Kobe @Moatasem @Nld @Rufb Keep up the good work ^^^^^
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    How to host a rsps

    credits to Occexe
  13. Fate

    How to host Rsps

    ( credits to R-s) re post https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/tutorials/362129-how-host-your-own-rsps.html
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