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    Welcome, flax!
  3. What can you do man I’m lucky enough haha
  4. Oh shoot I won haha thank you!!!!
  5. Hey Guys, Rune Quest is an active 317 Server. Our Grand Opening is is August 9th, 2021. With that being said, I'd like to take this time and announce that Rune Quest will be hosting a 500$ Discord Giveaway for our Grand opening! Discord Giveaway! Invite Competition for 500$ in Rune Quest Discord! GOODLUCK! Welcome to Rune Quest the most advanced 317 Server! Join Us for a chance at winning 500$ split into 10 players winning! 1st Place: 200$ 2nd Place: 100$ 3rd Place: 50$ 4th-7th place: 25$ EACH! 8th-10th: 15$ EACH! Starting Date: 08/2/21 End Date 08/28/21 The competition Goal is to gain players for our release of the server with a grand opening! Join Below and Good luck! https://discord.gg/uuXza8na Website: RuneQuest With all Skills working at its best I want to show off some media that we offer with tons & tons of more content! Gambling friendly! Pvp! Combat! Pking! Teams! Extreme Donator perks like no other! Try us now & get the hype ready P.S Join now and mention my name to claim a free 5$ upon joining! *only valid until we release*!! Thank you Community Manager of the server, Jet. video0 (1).mp4
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